Yazoka® Publishing

Yazoka aspires to not only approach things from a graphic design point of view and Yazoka Publishing is an extension of this unruly philosophy.
In words, illustrations and photo’s, we finds new ways of expressing our creativity through printed and digital matter.
 Each book, app or magazine expresses our personal passion, whether that passion is a scholarly one with Mama Says, Papa says, short illustrated stories or stories told by photography. As well as on our web-shop, our publications can be found in selected shops worldwide. Stay up to date with Yazoka Publishing activities and new publications by checking our website from time to time.

Yazoka® Publishing titles:

De Wollef en de seve geitjes (The wolf and the seven goats)

Number 3 best books 2014 at Rijksmuseum Amsterdam!

A short fable written by the Grimm brothers (1785–1863) but completely adjusted to the slang spoken in Amsterdam in the in the 17th century which was used by criminals, tramps and traveling salesmen as a secret code. The author of the original text was never to be found. Mainly because the text was rewritten over and over again. Yazoka took upon the task to do so too and rewrite and illustrate the story in it’s own unique style. Check out the website.




A Beest C (A Beast C)

The coolest alphabet in stores! Illustrated by Anouk Johanson and published by Yazoka.